Good in your hood

Insight: Doing good starts off small

Each year, Rails Rumble challenges the Ruby on Rails community all over the world to deliver a kick-ass website in a 48 hour timeframe. A Belgian team of 3 developers needed a designer & I responded to their request on Twitter. In just 48 hours, we came up and produced a site with a simple goal: make the world a better place.


As 'making the world a better place' is a relatively difficult task, we focused on bringing it closer to home by showing ways our everyday routines can be adapted for the better. Life is made of small things that aren't difficult to change on their own, was our main message.

We also accentuated that making the world a better place doesn't need to cost a cent. It can be done without waving a banner in the street; just a friendly 'hello' can brighten a person's day, and make all the difference.

  • Client: Self initiated for RailsRumble
  • Time:2010
  • My role: Interaction design

  • Team: Dimitri Van Heucke, Joren De Groof, Bernard Grymonpon, Marlies Deforche