Easy content creation

Haibu pulls content from different sources to enhance lecturer’s presentations for both the first and the second screen. By using services like Quora, Wikipedia, Google Images, Wolframe Alfa, Haibu suggests a second layer of content and helps the lecturer to build a better presentation.

Quizes and polls

Lecturers can add interactive content such as quizzes and polls to their presentations, enriching the learning experience for the students.

Focus retention

Learning doesn’t happen passively, it requires active engagement. By using the students’ smartphones to facilitate this engagement, it turns into a useful tool in stead of a distraction. Real-time online polling has been proven to keep an audience engaged and interested.


Haibu is designed to work across all popular mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows.

Content curation by the lecturer

The lecturer can curate the content published by students during or after the lecture. This would help her enhance her lecture based on questions and references that she gets from students.