Video co-produced by Daniel Cansu and me


Insight: The hidden disease

One out of every three women worldwide will be abused during her lifetime. It's time to find new ways to address domestic violence. Over the course of four days, nearly 450 Hyper Island students from 31 countries generated ideas around this issue. Ideas that raise awareness. Ideas that get people to act. Ideas that get people involved.


Our idea was to create awareness of domestic violence by setting up a gorilla stunt of an imaginary hidden disease/epidemic. As we want the campaign to grow and get people's attention, the real reason behind the campaign has to be kept secret for a certain amount of time to reach its full effect.

When the campaign hits its peak of media attention, IRC reveals the true meaning behind it: "To cure domestic violence in the world". The press gets limited information but enough to inform the public of the symptoms and different preventive measures.

Four Days, 450 Creative Minds, One Brief

Video courtesy of Hyper Island
  • Client: Hyper Island student project
  • Time:2012
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  • Team: Julia Wallin, Michelle Tully, Daniel Cansu, Andreas Justus Johansson, Lisa Löwenborg, Marlies Deforche