Video produced by me

Post 16 Learner Journey

Insight: Help learners make more informed decisions when leaving school

The Scottish Government commissioned Snook to lead a project to develop new insights into learner's experience of the Scottish education system. The main aim was to ensure that learners are able to make more successful transitions from school, into post-16 education or training and then into work.


In Phase 1 (2012) Snook researched how learners see their 'journey' and how they make decisions based on the information, products and services available to them. As part of that phase, Snook also co-created over 60 different ideas with learners, practitioners, delivery agencies and other key stakeholders in the sector.

Phase 2 (2013), where I came in, was about selecting the right ideas and taking them one step further. From the research, it was clear that one point of contact for planning and reviewing your learner journey was needed. This would be developed in the form of a visual route map to allow learners to plot where they are on their journey and what their potential next steps could be.

  • Client: The Scottish Government at Snook
  • Time:2013
  • My role: Document process, Facilitate co-design, art direction, video editing

  • Team: Lizzie Brotherston, Sara Drummond, Marlies Deforche

About the process

Together with Lizzie Brotherston, embedded service designer at the Scottish Government, I helped organize a hackathon to explore the technical potential of learning-related data already collected and how we can use this to benefit the learners. This event was quite a momentus ocassion since it was the first ever Scottish Government endorsed hack event.

The week that followed the hackathon involved visits to several high schools and colleges in and around Glasgow to test and get feedback on the produced prototypes, as a way of developing the project further.

During the school visits, we also had the students reflect on how this tool could work for them and sketch out and present their ideas.

During my time working on this project, I was responsible for documenting the process and interviewing key stake holders in order to tell the story of how the project went along.

As the main branding for the hackathon was already in place, my role was to create and order several branded products, update the social media channels and the site.

During the school visits I facilicated the co-design workshops and in the final weeks of my time at Snook, I produced the case-video you see on the top of this page.

As a final step, just before I left my internship, I helped synthesize the results from the hackathon and our findings from the school visits into 10 key building blocks that should be part of the final visual route map tool.