Saatchi saves

Insight: How many endangered species can an advertising network save?

2010 marked the International Year of Biodiversity. My idea was that the network of Saatchi & Saatchi - my employer at the time - with its 6000 employees worldwide, could actually make a real difference for the planet's biodiversity. Saatchi's motto has been "Nothing is impossible" for quite some time. Following that attitude, I asked myself "Could an advertising network save endangered species?" After all, where would advertising be without the Coca-cola polar bear or the Cadbury gorilla?


The concept was easy: in the beginning of 2010 a website with information about near extinct animals would be launched. Each office in the Saatchi-network picked the animal they would rally to save. After that, the offices had a year to raise awareness and funds. Saving on electricity, printing and water was recommended. But more creative ways like hiring yourself out as the coffee maker in the office were also an option of course.

All money raised would be donated to the organization fighting for the survival of the chosen animal. I worked together with a copywriter to write some quirky little activation stickers to hang around the office: near the printer, the water fountains or lightswitches. They would be a part of an activation kit that would be available on the site for all offices to use as they please.

  • Client: Self initiated at Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels
  • Time:2009-2010
  • My role: Concept, Interaction design

  • Team: Alena Miklasova (copywriter), Marlies Deforche


The idea was presented to Saatchi's EMEA head office in London to be executed under the Saatchi True Blue flag.