Video produced by me

The Unused kilos app

Insight: Airlines charge you extra for excess luggage, but what about the kilos you don't use?

While heading back home after a trip, I sometimes worry if the airline will charge me for the excess kilos I'd gathered during my travel. It feels unfair since I travel often with a half empty suitcase. That got me thinking about those unused kilos a lot of travellers have.


Each year people donate clothes and food for humanitarian relief. Shipping or flying one full cargo of goods can easily cost up to 15.000$, causing charities to rely on charity again to cover the ever rising costs.

This idea could help us help them, with a click of a finger. It was made as an application for the Interactive Art Director program at Hyper Island 2012-2013. Together with some believers in this idea, I'm now in the process of making it become a reality.

  • Client: Self initiated
  • Time:2012
  • My role: Concept, art direction, video editing

  • Site:
  • Team: Friends & family, Marlies Deforche